Relaxing in Martinique

Finally we were able to hit the trade wind, thanks to a representative from the Amel Yard, who provided us with his social security number and so the “overnight delivery” package was shipped to us more than three weeks later! Incredible..., but all this delay gave us an opportunity to visit Gran Canaria island from the touristic seaside to the sinuous roads of the mountains with some breathtaking scenery along the way. We left the port January 15, Vanille's every inch of spare space stocked-up with food, beer and wine. Some 200 miles from Cape Verde we decided not to stop there, as the wind was blowing, the sun was shinning, Vanille was flying....and 21 days later, by the early morning we caught the first sight of Martinique's mountain range, just as the sun was coming up. Overall, one third of the trip we had a fine weather with occasional squalls, one third with very uncomfortable cross sea and one third of the time we suffered through light weather, changing sails all the time, trying anything and everything to move forward, even had to use the motor at times. Once some 15-20 dolphins entertained us for a good hour, jumping, racing, playing with Vanille, another time three whales, a family we thought, stayed with us for about four hours and once we were lucky enough to catch a supper, although we have tried on several occasions, but without any success. Now and than we sighted a bird. Since February 5 we are anchored in the Bay of Ste Anne, just enjoying the sun and the warm water. Life is not too bad at the moment.