April 2013

Was Martinique, then Guadeloupe, today Antigua

Looks like we just skipped one month – time flies when one is in a vacation mode. Visiting the islands, happy hours on Vanille or friends' boats, reading, swimming relaxing - just being two lazy bums - and we are not ashamed to admit that once in a while doing nothing feels great, just like a long vacation. Well, in fact, this is a long vacation called retirement! The water is warm, even too warm, the air hot and humid. There isn't much to write about this lazy period, except to report that rum here is still as good as when we met here each other in the Caribbean some 28 years ago, except now we don't consume as many Ti-punches (white rum, sugarcane syrup, lime) as we did then! Sadly most of the anchorages are crowded, full of boats, for sure some 30 times more than then. Restaurants and bars are in every corners along the sea front, and unbelievably the internet services are the poorest we have encountered in years...This is a tourist zone with all its good and also its bad, just a question of what you are looking for.